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Course Correction

Course Correction: Finding a way through the storm to calmer waters

Business right now is beyond unusual. It is unpredictable, and we are having to make decisions on-the-fly in an ever-changing landscape. While you’re weathering the current storm, keep in mind that strategic thinking is needed now more than ever.

You, too, are likely trying to navigate these turbulent seas and keep your business afloat. We’d like to provide inspiration as to how some of our clients have adapted.  

Dog's Best Friend

Dog's Best Friend home page COVID-19 message
Special messaging on the Dog's Best Friend home page

Dog’s Best Friend (DBF) in normal times provides dog training for canines—and their owners—of all ages and abilities. The in-person focus is essential to training beloved dogs in the most successful way possible.

When social distancing kicked in, the business was forced to move its business offerings online. The show must go on, as they say, and the dogs must continue their training.

Dog's Best Friend virtual training session
A virtual training session

We first brainstormed a new business model with Aimee and her DBF team and determined what services could creatively and effectively be brought online. We then implemented a plan to bring virtual training sessions and downloadable resources to the target market. 

This plan works only if DBF cannot maintain the “personal touch” they're known for. The DBF team has also been able to ramp up their digital marketing efforts, which include the company’s website, database, and social media channels, to ensure personal relationships remain strong.

Dog's Best Friend article on
Article on

Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Sauk Prairie Hospitals and Clinics web COVID-19 message
Web and social media messaging 

Some clients have an urgent need to increase communication with their audience, using their marketing platforms to deliver crucial messaging. Sauk Prairie Healthcare (SPH), a healthcare organization serving tens of thousands of people in southwestern Wisconsin, is working on the front line of this pandemic.

Their communication needs have drastically increased in the last few weeks. The SPH internal hospital and clinic staff, as well as their increasing public audience, requires quick and accurate communication. Additionally, outreach through the Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation is raising funds to help support efforts to prepare for a possible patient surge. Through a combination of print, web, and social media, we are continuing to keep SPH connected to those who need them the most. 

Sauk Prairie Hospitals and Clinics COVID-19 print messaging 
Print messaging

Monkey Bar Gym

Reaching customers at home is a challenge some businesses were already preparing for. Monkey Bar Gym is a brick-and-mortar location that usually relies on instructors and equipment to serve their members. They were considering offering online-only memberships when social distancing became a necessity. 

We facilitated their transition to their web-based teaching space and helped Monkey Bar Gym promote their new product offerings. They were confident that potential members would find value in their online videos and resources, and after introducing a free trial week, they retained a whole new group of members.

Monkey Bar Gym COVID-19 virtual membership promotion and videos
Online Membership promotion; virtual classes and resources

Big Toe in the Water

Harriet Stein of Big Toe in the Water normally speaks to large groups and businesses about implementing a practice called mindfulness. Now, groups are scattered and businesses cohesion is being tested. Harriet's mindfulness sessions are in even more demand as companies work to support their employees’ health and performance, while reducing overall levels of stress.

Luckily, Harriet's talents for communication and positivity translate wonderfully to interactive video. We have been helping her prepare for her new virtual mindfulness seminars: Utilizing Mindfulness During Times of Uncertainty.

Harriet Stein of Big Toe in the Water giving virtual mindfulness seminar
Zoom background for a virtual mindfulness seminar

As you try to find ways to stay relevant, the jamgd crew is helping clients not only pivot their communications – but craft new strategies to survive and thrive in the months ahead. Can we help you? 

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