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Category: Web

web accessibility

Web Accessibility

How Web Accessibility Drives Innovation…and Revenue. 

Your website is your most public face. It reflects your brand and your image. Form, however, must follow function. Your beautiful site must also perform as well as it looks, keeping in mind that many potential customers cannot “look” at all. People with disabilities may not be able to access and fully utilize your website. 

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jamgd Zoom backgrounds

From home with style


We're getting pretty good at this remote work thing, and it looks like virtual meetings will be here to stay. Are you looking for a change of scenery? Instead of a blank wall or a messy office, why not change things up during your Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype calls? Customize your look with a fancy new virtual background. 

Do you prefer illustration, or photography? Feel free to download and use these high-resolution images celebrating lovely Madison, Wisconsin. 

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Course Correction sailboat storm sea monster octopus tentacles

Course Correction

Course Correction: Finding a way through the storm to calmer waters

Business right now is beyond unusual. It is unpredictable, and we are having to make decisions on-the-fly in an ever-changing landscape. While you’re weathering the current storm, keep in mind that strategic thinking is needed now more than ever.

You, too, are likely trying to navigate these turbulent seas and keep your business afloat. We’d like to provide inspiration as to how some of our clients have adapted.  

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Make your website your number one marketing tool

Leveraging technology: Optimize for mobile and SEO


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Make your website your number one marketing tool

Driving engagement: Get your website visitors to interact with your business

No tool works harder for your business than your website. Are you making the most of its potential?

Your website is the hardest-working tool in your marketing toolbox. As we discussed in part 1, a well-designed, effective website ensures that prospects and visitors get a great first impression of your business. But that’s just the beginning. What happens after a visitor decides they want to stay and explore what you have to offer?

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Make your website your number one marketing tool [part 1]

Make your website your number one marketing tool

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools. It’s always on and working for your business, 24/7, 365. A well-designed, effective website:

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