tactics implementation


Strategic design ensures your tactics lead to sales.

Tactics are the buoys that keep your boat heading in the right direction. jamgd has over 25 years of experience in creating logos, websites, social media, ads, brochures, signage, packaging, displays, and more. We work with you to determine the right branding and creative messaging to best meet your goals. In fact, our copywriting and design have proven to be successful for hundreds of our customers.

jamgd can also conduct the research, which will help us develop the correct combination of goals, targets, tactics and timing for your business marketing. Done well, both creatively and strategically, the end result is marketing that does its part to net sales and business results beyond your expectations. Marketing Matters.

Tactics Implementation

After we conduct an analysis and develop a marketing strategy, we take the concept and branding strategy and apply it across your marketing tools or tactics. As part of the process, we will evaluate the various communication tactics available, their cost effectiveness and target audiences, and ensure the desired call to action.

The marketing plan should include recommendations for use of tactics, such as:

  • Sales efforts/incentives – the foundation of your overall strategy
  • Website, the cornerstone of communication efforts
  • Social media – a key component of the overall marketing plan, we will develop the right mix for you (Linked In, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • E-Newsletter/emails – so you can communicate with internal and external audiences
  • PR – a great way to receive free advertising
  • Any printed materials, brochures, presentations, signage, direct mail, newsletters, annual reports, catalogs – all must have consistent messaging, text, images, and branding of the organization
  • Print, radio or TV advertising, when appropriate
  • Events, such as tradeshows or seminars

This is where the rubber meets the road. You will find our deliverables – whether on-line, off-line, or a cross between the two – help you stand apart from the competition so that you are noticed. We also ensure that you offer up a clear call to action for your audience (because, you want them to do something, right?).

It is important that the tactics chosen are monitored and measured over time. Tactics should be tested - if they work, they can be utilized and potentially enhanced to make them even more effective. If select tactics don’t drive desired results, they can be modified and re-tested.

The next step is Review and Adjustment - click here to learn more.

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