A marketing strategy provides the path to success.

Without a marketing strategy, your boat will float without clear direction. jamgd can develop the correct combination of goals, targets, tactics and timing for your business. We also work with you to determine the right branding and creative messaging to best meet your goals. Done well, both creatively and strategically, the end result is marketing that does its part to net sales and business results beyond your expectations. Marketing Matters.

Utilizing the findings from research and analysis, jamgd can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and schedule. We understand that your product or service has to compete for your target audience’s attention—whether it’s in advertising, on your website, in printed or emailed customer communications, in social media, in PR materials or anywhere else. Effective communication and design strategies are needed help to position the brand and make it stand out. Our team has a strong track record for delivering solutions that do just this.

We will also help to develop and define your business visual and verbal identity. We will determine your brand’s position within the channel and in the eyes of the consumer, and explore messaging opportunities. We will also look at budget considerations, and begin to identify and prioritize opportunities for your brand to reach its marketing goals. Some of the key elements of a marketing strategy are outlined below:

  • Branding Strategy One of the key components to your marketing strategy is branding. We look at your current branding, including the visual identity, and also the messaging – the words, phrases and tone. These words are the cornerstone of all the communication efforts, and should be used again and again (in different formats for different pieces) for consistency purposes. jamgd works to ensure that the value proposition – what it is about your products or services that are special, unique, and different – comes through clearly.
  • Logo Identity Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand—an instant identifier that helps to inspire recognition, trust and loyalty. jamgd can develop a visual identity program (including logo and treatment) that professionally identifies your business on all collateral materials and media. However, we are not in the business of making change for the sake of change. Only if it makes strategic sense for the success and growth of the brand would such a move be entertained.
  • Trade Dress (Look and Feel) The look and feel, or trade dress, is the set of guidelines that helps ensure visual continuity and brand recognition in all applications, including all marketing materials, packaging and media. Trade dress distinguishes one’s goods or services from those of another. The trade dress of a product involves the “total image” – everything from color palette (colors have subtle messages that reflect what a brand is and what it stands for), font selection, the placement of text to images.
  • Marketing and Communications Plan We work to ensure that a marketing and communications plan works to meet your organization’s goals. This includes outlining what communication elements are needed to reach target audiences in a cost-effective way, and when and how they should be introduced. All marketing elements must be consistent with the way they incorporate the branding, messaging, images; and all communications materials must convey your unique value proposition to each of your target audiences. The marketing plan includes recommendations for use of tactics, such as:
    • Sales efforts/incentives – the foundation of your overall strategy
    • Website, the cornerstone of communication efforts
    • Social media, a key component of the overall marketing plan
    • E-Newsletter/emails – so you can communicate with internal and external audiences
    • PR – a great way to receive free advertising
    • Any printed materials, brochures, presentations – all must have consistent messaging, text, images, and branding of the organization
    • Print, radio or TV advertising, when appropriate
    • Events, such as tradeshows or seminars

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