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Summer is a Great Time to Get - or Stay - Physically Fit & Healthy

As long as the heat index is under control, we can all spend more time outside and do fun physical activity, whether it be walking, running, biking, hiking, swimming, etc.

We are proud to announce Julie at jamGD is in the running (pun intended) for the InBusiness Challenge, known as “Madison's Fittest Executive.” She's competing in the Fittest Female Under 50 category.  Read more about this great Challenge.

And yes, this is a Challenge that will use data and evaluations: health care professionals will evaluate the physical condition of the competitors at the end of the competition period in August. The executives who earn the healthiest marks will be honored at the In Business Expo & Conference on October 17, 2012 in Madison – pretty exciting!

The first question that might come to mind is, why is Julie participating? Many of you likely know (or will know now!) Julie is a die-hard triathlete (she was even a finisher of the “ultra” triathlon - the 2010 Wisconsin Ironman). She is one who loves a regular regimen that includes conditioning with a focus on swimming, biking and running. Throw in some strength training and some yoga, some fun outdoor physical activity like hiking, and you’ve got a great mix.

If you talk to Julie a bit more about healthy living, you find her philosophy that being fit is reflected in all aspects of her life. And it is easier to keep going once you start a program – “a body in motion stays in motion”!

Julie sees the close ties between being a business owner and an athlete – both require determination, focus, endurance, and certain types of skills that are needed to be a good team player. And for her, personally, keeping a fitness routine helps the focus and energy to stay on task when she is behind her desk or at client meetings.

The passion Julie has for the area of fitness carries over to some of the client jamgd works with. One in particular is called Dare to Tri. Owned and operated by two local triathletes who are dedicated to supporting the TRI sport through the sale of quality branded merchandise at wholesale prices.

jamGD helped this company with branding and strategic design – as you can imagine, coming up with the ideal graphics was crucial, as they on the one hand need to convey what the company does and the industry it supports, but at the same time not be “cliché” or similar to other like concepts out in the marketplace.

In addition to Dare to Tri, jamgd has helped a number of other athletic-related companies, like Swimfast, Sun Prairie Golf Course, Monkey Bar Gym and KayO Technologies, to name a few.

And lest you wonder, while Jennifer at jamGD won’t be competing anytime soon in a triathlon, she is one to work overtime and the remainder of her time is spent with her two boys. The “two Js” complement each other perfectly in their overall “how I live my life” philosophies.

For those of you who have worked with jamGD, we’ll bet you have experience this energy and passion from both Julie and Jennifer. Their way of living outside the office translates so positively to what takes place in the workplace.

And if you haven’t yet had a chance to work with the “Js”, just imagine the great results that will come your way!

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