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Color Matters

Color is one of the most powerful elements in marketing. Even before we can read a complete word or recognize an image, color registers in our brains to prolong our attention, evoke emotion and begin categorizing what we are seeing.

Red grabs our attention and radiates intensity, excitement and boldness. Blue projects a calm, stable and trustworthy image. Every color draws a different emotional reaction. Color psychology research shows that people make subconscious judgments about a product, place or person within 90 seconds of initial viewing. And approximately 62-90% of that assessment is based on color alone, depending on the situation. That’s a strong correlation that savvy companies use to connect with their target audiences.

How color affects business
An oft-cited study from Loyola University Maryland shows 80% of participants believed color significantly increased their brand recognition. Most of us can recall a logo’s color more accurately than its font style or shape. That’s why it is critical to choose brand colors that “describe” your type of business as well as its personality.

Once selected, use your company colors throughout your operation. From your logo, website and signage to packaging and staff apparel, incorporating these colors consistently will create and strengthen a brand image that people will remember.

Keep it simple
Depending on the source, 78-95% of the world’s 100 most valuable brand logos use only one or two colors. That’s because simplicity enhances memorability. There are exceptions, but if you want a highly memorable logo that’s also easier to incorporate into designs, and potentially less expensive to print, avoid using too many colors.

If you already use a brand color, compare it with our Color Matters infographic. Is it sending the right message to your customers? Contact jamGD to help you assess and update your existing brand, or create a fresh new one to recharge your business.


Impact of color on marketing: