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Make your website your number one marketing tool

Driving engagement: Get your website visitors to interact with your business

No tool works harder for your business than your website. Are you making the most of its potential? Your website is the hardest-working tool in your marketing toolbox. As we discussed in part 1 , a well-designed, effective website ensures that prospects and visitors get a great first impression of...

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Make your website your number one marketing tool [part 1]

Make your website your number one marketing tool

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools . It’s always on and working for your business, 24/7, 365. A well-designed, effective website: Ensures that prospects and visitors get a great first impression of your business; Enables visitors to interact and engage with your business; and Allows customers...

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Nicks Chips before and after

Nicks Chips Before & After - A Packaging Makeover Can Grow Profits

When it comes to brand recognition, appearances are everything. Good packaging is essential to the success of a product – each can, box, and bag represents an opportunity to drive profit. Packaging makes that first impression, and customers decide quickly whether they will give a new brand a second look...

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Make color work for you

Color Matters

Color is one of the most powerful elements in marketing. Even before we can read a complete word or recognize an image, color registers in our brains to prolong our attention, evoke emotion and begin categorizing what we are seeing. Red grabs our attention and radiates intensity, excitement and boldness...

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Branding, copyright, trademark

Your Brand. Legally.

Well, of course you love your brand. It’s your badge of quality. It’s your identity. It could be your most important asset. So, why would you even consider skipping the steps for keeping it all legal? 1. Understand what protects what Your business will have assets that copyright law protects...

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Harnesss the power of acrobat reader

Harness the power of Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is used every day around the world. But many people are missing out on its full power. Here are seven features guaranteed to make your work life easier by speeding up document handling tasks: 1. Add comments and edits Providing feedback on documents is essential when working...

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