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Nicks Chips Before & After - A Packaging Makeover Can Grow Profits

When it comes to brand recognition, appearances are everything. Good packaging is essential to the success of a product – each can, box, and bag represents an opportunity to drive profit. Packaging makes that first impression, and customers decide quickly whether they will give a new brand a second look.

Existing products, as well as new ones, benefit from a fresh perspective on package design. That is where jamGD puts experience to work. Our designers combine the right message and dynamic design to create packaging that will help persuade customers to choose your product over your competition. We can then take the brand assets of your packaging and extend it to all other forms of communications, including your in-store merchandising displays, sales materials, trade and consumer advertising, public relations, website, social media, and more.

We introduced a small company to a big market.
Sometimes a complete rebrand is needed. Our client, Nicks Chips, is a great example of a packaging "makeover" that introduced a small company to a larger market.

Nick Sulaka, a second generation owner of the family business, was looking to take the business to the next level. Looking to succeed in the highly competitive grocery and c-store (convenience store) channels – competing not only for end user awareness, but also for shelf space adjacent to giants like Frito Lay®.

We created eye-catching, no-nonsense packaging.
In partnership with Nick, jamGD determined that the brand renewal needed to have a more contemporary and fresh flair. It had to be easy to recognize, without changing the positioning -- low price doesn’t equate to low quality. We created the concept with the core idea that choosing a value-for-money brand is the smart choice.

The design concept is no-nonsense, straightforward and consistent. It doesn't try to imitate the visual appearance of either A-brands or discounters, but has a visual language of its own.

We improved brand recognition while staying within budget.
The consistency in look and feel (trade dress) between packages increased brand recognition for all the Nicks products, which includes popcorn, tortillas, craklins and potato chips. The color differentiation within product lines allows for enhanced shopability – allowing consumer to navigate and purchase the desired item.

We accomplished this while keeping the client's budget in mind. The packaging system was developed to utilize a minimum of colors, which allowed the client to realize lower production costs.

Customer Testimonial:
We have received great feedback on our new look. "Finally, an affordable bag of chips that’s definitely worth it!" Sales are rising, and our name and product are becoming more and more popular each day. Sales are up, and we hope to continue with the success of the brand and company. — Nick Sulaka, President

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